Our Mission

Two brothers set out to explore the world of cocktails one weekend at a time.

We are the Marshall brothers, David and Jonathan—the not-so-savvy cocktailians. Though we live in different cities, we decided to create a remote cocktail club exploring exotic, classic, and forgotten mixed drinks. With all the ingredients and techniques and tools out there, we hope to expand not only our liquor cabinets but also our knowledge and expertise. We aren’t so savvy now, but who knows? With enough experience (and some inevitable but instructive missteps) we may invent drinks some day.

In the meantime, we’ll offer a recipe every week proposed by one brother and reviewed by the other. We welcome company and hope to invite some guests along the way.  Please travel with us… and let us know your own improvisations, tweaks, and serious amendments to the recipes we offer. Send us suggestions for our next adventure, and, most importantly, have fun.

Big things start small. Maybe a few more casual celebrations can make the world a calmer place.

6 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Gentlemen, this is good for the soul and you are inspiring me to branch out more. I shall be present to receive Jonathan’s Bloody Mary on Friday morning and anticipate a joyous reunion as we meet the sun to numb ourselves from the pain of the game that awaits us. I cannot wait to visit with the cocktailian and Italian-wanna be. Here’s to you Marshall brothers–keep ’em coming!

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